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Welcome to Plugg Community System

Plugg is the last XOOPS Cube module by Kazumi Ono aka Onokazu the founder of Xoops. Plugg is a comunity driven web application that lets you setup an advanced but simple plugin system to easily install extra functionality : user and group management, webforms, forum and easily choose the widgets you want to add by dragging them from the widgets list.

Plugg Community System : Widgets

AKISMET: Anti SPAM plugin using Akismet or other compatible spam-filtering services

BIRTHDAY: This plugin enables each user to add his or her birthday to the profile page. requires User

CRON: The cron plugin will allow administrators to manually run the cron at any time.

EXTERNALLINK: Adds a small link icon to external links. Opens external links in a new window when clicked.

FILTER: Filters content. required by user, xoopscodefilter, xigg, htmlpurifierfilter

GENDER: Adds a gender field to user profiles.

HTMLPURIFIERFILTER: Filter that uses the HTMLPurifier php library

HTMLPURIFIER: Enables the HTMLPurifier php library. required by filter, htmlpurifierfilter

JQUERY: Enables the jQuery javascript library. required by textarearesizer, slimbox2, externallink

LOCALE: Enables online administration of locale message catalogues.

MAIL: Provides basic mail sending functionalities. required by user

MESSAGE: Messaging plugin

OPENID: Enables the OpenID user authentication

PROFILE: Allows access to user profile page using user names

SEARCH: Search plugin. required by simplesearch, xigg

SERVICESTRACKBACK: Filters out trackback spams using the Services_Trackback PEAR library

SIMPLESEARCH: A simple search engine plugin using database as backend

SLIMBOX2: Enables the Slimbox2 javascript library from

SYSTEM: Handles general site configuration for administrators.

TEXTAREARESIZER: This plugin allows the user to extend the textarea element/area within the web page whenever they feel.

USER: The user plugin adds user security system to the application. required by xoopscubeuserapi, profile, xigg, xoopscubeuser, xoopsgroups, message, gender

WIDGET: This plugin enables adding plugin widgets to the website.

XIGG: Xigg allows site administrators to maintain a community-based news article popularity website like

XOOPSCODEFILTER: Allows editing text using XOOPS Code.

XOOPSCUBEUSERAPI: This plugin enables using the default user account management system provided by XOOPSCube to manage user accounts

XOOPSCUBEUSERAUTH: Enables user authentication using the user data on another XOOPSCube website.

XOOPSCUBEUSER: This plugin enables using user accounts of any XOOPS Cube installation as the user data. If you install this plugin on a XOOPSCube system and selec...

XOOPSCUBE: This plugin is required to run Plugg as a XOOPSCube module.

XOOPSGROUPS: Adds a user profile field that displays groups to which the user belongs.


If you're using the XOOPS Cube Legacy, simply install Plugg alike any other module.

Authors and Contributors

Kazumi Ono aka Onokazu.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Plugg? Check out the community support site at or contact and we’ll help you sort it out.